We Understand You.

York’s approach to apparel is centered around a deep understanding of the consumer. We recognize that today’s consumers are looking for clothing that not only looks great, but also feels comfortable and is made sustainably. With this in mind, York draws on a combination of industry insights, a successful track record, and cutting-edge methodology to create clothing that customers want more of. From eco-friendly processes and materials to versatile pieces that can be worn on many occasions, York apparel is always in demand. Additionally, the brand is committed to offering a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure that everyone can find an offering that fits their unique vision. By staying attuned to consumers, York is able to consistently create clothing that passes the high bar of today’s conscious consumers.

Our Leadership Team

Frank Zhang, our Founder and Chairman, established the company over 20 years ago. He and his wife Jenny Liu, CEO, oversee every aspect of the operation. Their success for the past 23 years within the highly-competitive apparel industry is based upon relationships of mutual trust and respect built between them and their clients.

Frank Zhang

Founder & chairman of the Board

Jenny Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Wu

Chief Design Officer

Katharine Steckelberg

Client Services Officer

Michael LaBroad

Sales & Marketing Officer

We have offices and facilities around the world to better serve you and your customers

Offices Strategically Located Close to our Clients Around the World:
We own and manage our own facilities, your needs are never subcontracted out to others:

Sustainable for the Environment

York is dedicated to sustainability throughout its entire supply chain. The brand uses eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics in its clothing, and works with suppliers who share its commitment to sustainability. York also minimizes waste by using fabric remnants to create new products, and packaging materials made from recycled materials. The brand is continually exploring new ways to reduce its environmental impact and create a more sustainable future.


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