When Your Brand Matters

At York we never forget that your brand matters. After all, it was built on years of ingenuity and hard work. We know the development of your product is a vital and integral part of what makes your brand stand out. Quality, integrity, attention to detail, and accountability are the cornerstones that we have built our success upon for over 20 years.

We focus our manufacturing processes on a number of strong and growing segments. Though the market segments vary greatly, the expertise of our workforce combined with cutting-edge facilities always provide exceptional products.

Lifestyle & Fashion

These are the clothes people reach for every day. The favorites that most represent who they are and what they love. The styling, fit, feel, and the badging all merge into one harmoniously-made garment. These attributes of your product are what engenders brand loyalty.

Athleisure & Performance

The advancement of fabric technology has propelled this category into the mainstream. Today, it takes the latest manufacturing innovations combined with the most-skilled artisans to engineer a garment where form and fit take advantage of these cutting-edge fabrics.

Outdoor & Recreation

For the outdoor enthusiast, adapting to temperature and varying conditions are top priorities, quickly followed by social and environmental integrity. This market segment is on the forefront of the latest advancements in responsible sourcing, design, and manufacturing. A garment made for the pursuit of adventure must be meticulously and thoughtfully crafted, tough, light, and long-lasting. A tough challenge to be sure. But die-hard brand loyalty is the reward, making this segment a hardwon prize.

Extreme & DWR

Clothing becomes one’s protective gear when it is exposed to the elements. There are far fewer risks in extreme environments when apparel functions the way it was designed to. A superior-made garment could be the difference between setbacks or victory. When people trust their lives to our products, there can be no compromise when it comes to proper execution. Craftsmanship also works in the place of products.

Workwear & Utility

Demanding professions require clothing to perform at the highest level with confidence that it will not fail. Protective, durable, and reliable are the warp and weft of this category. Today, vigorous work environments call for the dependability of utilitarian garments constructed with the functionality of today’s performance fabrics.  Our history and experience
allow us to excel in this segment.

Rural & Western

America is built on the fortitude and grit of those who work the land to reap its bounty. Their equally-rugged lifestyle requires rugged clothes that can endure the toughest of jobs. A brand defined by these same traits needs garments that live up to that promise. It follows that partnering with a trusted manufacturer that can meet those
needs/specifications is critical.

What Makes York Different

When your brand matters. This is not just a clever tagline but our North Star. We respect and value your brand, making it our responsibility to exceed your highest standards. York prides itself on producing garments for some of the most demanding global brands, ensuring we can become a long-term trusted partner for you as well.